SHAREit for Windows 10

Shareit for Windows 10 (32/64 bit)

Right now we will only recommend Shareit as a sharing platform among all the devices whether it is Android, Mac or Windows. ShareIt for windows 10 provide high transfer speeds and great support for their software.

Those of us who already know about shareit already know a great deal about this that how developers have done great work with it to provide us with immense quality software. But, in this next article we will only discuss about Shareit for Windows 10.

shareit for windows 10 64 bit free download

We already know there are various versions of Microsoft Windows out there and there are changes in each version of windows. It sometime complicates the installation process. Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 are most commonly used versions of Microsoft Windows out there.

shareit for pc windows 8

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Downloading Shareit :

Step 1 : Check the version of your windows 10 wheter it has 32 bit or 64 bit.

Step 2 : The link to the official website is provided just go there and select windows as Platform for which you’re downloading.

Step 3: When you click on the download button the app will start downloading.

Step 4: Once downloaded double click on downloaded file and follow the on screen instructions to install the app.

Advantages of Shareit :

High transfer Rate

SHAREit for Windows 10 support transfer rates upto 20 mb/s which is incredibly high and transfer files in a matter of minutes. This high data transfer make it easy for you to transfer large amounts of data in a very short period of time.

Multi-platform System

It is not necessary for shareit for windows 10 to have same operating system for transfer files. To send or receive files you can use different operating systems like windows to android or mac to android and vice versa while still enjoying higher speeds.

Multi Formats

This app support all file formats you can transfer any type of files between different devices.

No Network Restriction

You don’t even need a internet connection to transfer files.

PowerPoint Control:

Now you can control your PowerPoint presentations with SHAREit from your phone. With this you will not be needing your mouse or clicker to rum your presentations. With this feature you can connect with your audience without any worry.

Play To:

With this app now you can show  content from your mobile phone to the PC. It is a useful features when you are having gatherings with your friends, family and colleagues.


Sharing is now easy with SHAREit for pc it supports 120% faster speeds than the native Bluetooth. It will be saving your precious time and no frustration with slower speeds of Bluetooth.



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