Shareit for PC

Shareit for PC

SHAREit for PC is a public platform to share files across the devices with higher speeds ever. It supports multiple devices ranging from PC, IOS, Mac and last but not least the most popular Android. Files can be shared between devices with speed more than Bluetooth up to 200 times faster. At the moment it is estimated that nearly 600 million Users are connected with SHAREit, and they are loving it.

SHAREit for pc supports different file formats to transfer. Most importantly you  can also transfer apps installed with it. We will be discussing first its features than the installation process will be discussed. We will be discussing the most prominent features you can explore further by installing the app and discover new things to do with it.

ShareIT, gladly enough, can be touted as the best installment to the arena of instant messaging. It is a smasher on all accounts. Topping several charts on technical finesse and popularity, ShareIT is arguably the smartest and the coolest application of the assortment, enabling users to initiate easy export and import of online content that includes pictures, videos, songs and documents from one device to another. The point is, all this happens in a blink of an eye. The speed at which ShareIT works is plain explosive, communicating the messages just when their receipt is sought, and not when it’s the eleventh hour.

Currently, this application is open to accessing to Android, iOS and Windows users, and can be downloaded from the respective application hubs in a couple of clicks. Though Android and IOS users don’t have to pitch in extra to have ShareIT on their devices, Windows users have to make a detour to find a way to this application.

ShareIT for PC – At a Glance

Shareit is a star creation by Lenovo, available at no cost at all. The managers of SYNCit and CLONEit at Lenovo are deeply invested in making this application a pure joy at all parameters. It’s worth mentioning that both SYNCit and CLONEit have received 5-star user ratings, and something of that proportion doesn’t go unpredicted for ShareIT as well.

Shareit has its own groove when it comes to sharing files from one device to another. The application can accommodate a wide range of content types, including, media, contacts, videos, SMS and MMS. Share it has gained ground owing to its terrific production values, and excellent specifications that definitely make a package to look forward to.

ShareIT glues a user to an ultimate click-and-share action, where communications travel in the lap of convenience and pace.




PC to PC Transfer: You can transfer files between the PC’s of you and your Friends, classmates and family friends.

Backup your Mobile Photos  to PC: Mobile storages are limited and when you have full storage you start deleting stuff. But with shareit for pc you are tension free just backup your pictures and videos to your PC with a single click.

Transfer between Phone to Phone: Transfer your pictures between phones easily by simply taping send button and selecting the user to whom you want to transfer files.

Remote View: Remote view is another interesting feature to use. It can be used to remotely search your PC for different files. You can add files to your PC from your phone by simply locating the files from your phone and placing these in your PC with the remote access.

PowerPoint Control: Now you can control your PowerPoint presentations with SHAREit from your phone. With this you will not be needing your mouse or clicker to rum your presentations. With this feature you can connect with your audience without any worry.

Play To: With this app now you can show  content from your mobile phone to the PC. It is a useful features when you are having gatherings with your friends, family and colleagues.

Speed: Sharing is now easy with SHAREit  it supports 120% faster speeds than the native Bluetooth. It will be saving your precious time and no frustration with slower speeds of Bluetooth.

Support for Multiple devices: SHAREit  can share files between 5 devices simultaneously.

File and Document Sharing: Shareit for PC can share any file format across the devices without any security hassle or third party app hindrance.  All the documents are concealed and files are secured which is considered an added Bonus.

APK Transfer: Shareit for PC can transfer installed app’s apk files to other devices. It saves you from re downloading the apps from store saves your data and precious time while doing so.

Picture and Media Files: Shareit for pc is currently most commonly used platform to transfer media files. It is one of the best currently available in the market. Sharing files has become easier then ever and time saving is the best attribute of this app. This something that couldn’t have been achieved without the use of sharing app.

Efficient and Time Saver: Shareit for pc has become most efficient and fast app in data sharing world.  Data loss is not a worry anymore, you can resume the interrupted transfers in case connection is lost due to low charging it will begin either from start or resume the existing transfer all the thanks for the perfection from the app developers.

Easy User Interface: Another amazing feature of this app is that it is very easy to use and user interface is very interactive for the users. Sometime pop up adds and notifications are annoying but they are not very frequent. You can navigate the entire app without any hassle. You can explore your entire gallery sd card and internal storage easily while doing so you can also select multiple files at once either apps or system files and transfer them easily to other devices.

Privacy Protection: With the ever increasing connectivity you are always worry about someone stealing your data. But with Shareit you never have to worry about this problem as they don’t get any access to data you’re sharing, because the data you’re sharing is not saved in the interface of the app. So you can share the data without having worry about it going somewhere else. This app completely relies on the device itself.

Downloading and Installation

Downloading Shareit for the Windows :

Step 1 : The link to the official website is provided just go there and select windows as Platform for which you’re downloading.

Step 2: When you click on the download button the app will start downloading.

Step 3: Once downloaded double click on downloaded file and follow the on screen instructions to install the app.

shareit pc to pc

Shareit latest version for Mac:

Step 1: For Mac Users simply go to the link provided below to the official website of the Application from drop down select mac.

Step 2: Download the file by double clicking on it.

Step 3: Open the downloaded file install it by accepting license agreement and follow the on screen instrucations.

Installing Shareit on your Android:

Installing Shareit on Android is not more then difficult then any other app.

Step 1 : Go to the playstore and search for shareit

Step 2: Find shareit from drop down list of search engine and click on it.

Step 3: After opening the desired app click on download it will automatically download and install it on your android.

shareit for pc zip file download


Using this app is not such a difficult task either on PC or Android. We will take a look on steps how to use it.

Launch the app on you PC or Android after opening it will show you the connections nearby you. After that you will choose the connection to whom you want to transfer the files selecting it this will create a connection between the devices after this you will be selecting the files or apps you want to transfer. Same can be done if you want to receive the files as well.

PROS for using shareit for pc :

Transfer files quick and easily.

It supports a vast range of file formats.

It is a freeware software to download and use.

The transfer speeds are very high comparing to native Bluetooth technology.


Cons of using shareit for PC :

There are few bugs in app that still need to be fixed.

For the beginners app can be a little complicated at the first.

Instructions for the use are not available.

Adds are sometime a bit irrelevant and annoying.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1) What is Shareit?

It is a file sharing app which transfer files of different formants among devices at incredibly fast transfer rate.

Q2) Can files could be transferred between different Operating systems?

Yes files can be shared between different operating systems for example between android phones and Windows tablet you can learn more about it by visiting Learn More page……

Q3) What kind of hardware is required in a device to use shareit?

For android you will be needing Wifi,Bluetooth and location services.

Q4) Is it suitable to clone my existing cellphone with a new one with shareit?

There is another shareit sister app available Shareit Cloneit, which will backup you contacts messages and other files. This app is available on playstore and shareit’s official website.

Q5) What kind of brands does it support?

It is available for wide range of devices Mac, Android, and Microsoft Winows.

Q6) Would I be able to share a whole folder with shareit?

Yes you can share an entire folder with shareit just select the folder you want to share and press send button to your connected device.

Q7) Will I be able to share files between different operating systems?

Yes you can share files between different operating systems like windows to android and from Mac to Windows and vice versa.

Q8) How can I invite my friends to Use Shareit?

You can use inbuilt invite option to invite your friends it will provide with direct link that you can send to your friends.

Q9) What type of file format we can share?

Any kind of file format is supported music, documents, videos, photos and much more.

Q10) Does IOS support off network sharing?

No, till now you cannot share files in IOS without network sharing. To be able to share files in IOS you have to be on same network with the same SSID.

Recent News and Updates for Shareit for PC

Shareit is leading the Indian Market with million local users. After its launch in China in 2012 it becomes the leading sharing app in China. Afterwards it stepped in global market where it has 600 million plus Users. Shareit is leading sharing app in nearfield communication (NFC).

With more than 600 million users worldwide shareit is planning to open its office in Gurgaon, India. With an aim to open 2 offices in India they will be hiring senior level Management including Engineers.

The CEO of shareit Yan Fei knows that the future of any business lies in Indian Market due to its large population and diverse community. They will not be missing this opportunity as a train passing by.

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