SHAREit for Mac

Share it for Mac

In the last article we’ve mainly referred to shareit for PC not much discussed shareit for mac. Apple users can now refer to this article for shareit.

In other articles like Shareit for windows 7 and shareit for windows 10 we mainly discussed the users of Microsoft Windows.

But now, we will be discussing shareit for mac os users and how they can benefit from shareit and the methods regarding installation of this software on their operating system.

shareit mac to pc

Shareit for Mac – The things you need to know

Shareit for Mac is also a freeware app that you can easily download and install on your iMac and Macbook Computer. With you will be able tao connect with different wireless devices and will be able to share files over a Wireless LAN Connection.

Once you’ve downloaded the file on your Mac based operating system you can install it and start using to receive and send files.

The biggest advantage of using shareit is that you can tranfer files between different operating systems either they are using Windows or Android it supports diverse number of operating systems.

download shareit for mac 10.8 5

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Main features of Shareit

Now we’ll be looking some features for using Shareit for Mac which make this app more prominent among Mac OS users.

High transfer Rate

The app support transfer rates upto 20 mb/s which is incredibly high and transfer files in a matter of minutes. This high data transfer make it easy for you to transfer large amounts of data in a very short period of time.

Multi-platform System

It is not necessary for shareit to have same operating system for transfer files. To send or receive files you can use different operating systems like windows to android or mac to android and vice versa while still enjoying higher speeds.

Multi Formats

This app support all file formats you can transfer any type of files between different devices.

No Network Restriction

You don’t even need a internet connection to transfer files.


To download click on the link below and you will be redirected to download and from there you can download Shareit for Mac.

Installation of Shareit in Mac

It is very simple to install shareit on Mac it will be installed in minutes you just have to follow the steps mentioned below.

download latest version of shareit for mac

  1. Find the downloaded file on your PC.
  2. Double click on the downloaded file.
  3. Accept the licence and conditions.
  4. Click on install button.
  5. This will start the installation process.
  6. Once it is done we’ll be able to use Shareit on Mac.

How to use Shareit on Mac

Using shareit on mac is also very simple  it will not require a great deal of effort. You just have to follow the steps below:

  1. Open the installed app on your Mac.
  2. Find the option which says Show QR code.
  3. Click on the option.
  4. When QR code appears click on the option which says “Scan the QR code on Phone”
  5. With your Smart phone Camera Scan the QR Code.
  6. This will connect your two devices.
  7. Now you will be able to Transfer Files.

Important Note:

The devices will only connect if they are connected to same Wireless Connection or to Same Router.





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