Shareit APK for Android

Shareit for Android

SHAREit Apk Download – for Android

Ever tried speculating the reason behind the immense love and addiction of users for ShareIT apk? How has a regular application scaled the heights of brilliance and popularity in such a tiny bracket of time? What has been so special for such a spin of success?

The reason is rather simple, or should we say, it is purely guessable. ShareIT , a content sharing application by its characteristics, has made the content exchanging business a pushover. A user, with access to ShareIT, can transfer a limitless number of pictures, songs, videos and documents from his/her device to other devices in no time and at absolutely no charges.


The working mechanism of ShareIT finds resonance with the new class of folks, as they desire to have everything in minimum time and effort. Once ShareIT is activated on two devices to set up a connection, any amount of content can be easily transferred to and fro in a seamless momentum. And, there is no bigger ease than the ease of getting what’s desired in the simplest way possible. This is the area at which ShareIT scores a perfect ten on ten.

App Screen

So, overall, there are slim chances of your escaping from its powerful operational velocity and riveting specifications. However, you shouldn’t bank on our words and must try to experience its functional fluency on your own. Download ShareIT now!


Downloading ShareIT Apk for Android :


Downloading ShareIT for Android is probably the easiest task of all, considering the total absence of any technical snags, or user administration hassles. Here, we have put forth an end-to-end process of downloading ShareIT for Android. Scroll down!


Scour your way to the Google Play Store, which is an inbuilt facility on your Android handset.

Once you land on the Home Page of the Play Store, type ‘ShareIT’ on the search bar. Act further by tapping on the ‘Search’ option, represented by the symbol of a ‘Magnifying Glass’.

Soon, a complete list of options will open for you to choose and download.

Click the link you find appropriate, and hit the ‘Install’ option.

In a flip, you can observe the start of the downloading process. Wait for a while

As soon as the downloading finishes, a subsequent option of ‘Open’ will appear on the screen. Select it.

You will be instantly directed to the Home Page of ShareIT, where you will be required to fill in the required details, such as Username and Password.

Now that you have made an in-route to the application, track other devices with ShareIT on them, and get engaged in click-send-share activities.

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Kindly follow the below-mentioned steps to download the latest version of SHAREit APK file


To start with, first of you need to copy-paste into your Android Smartphone’s browser (default)

After that, click on the blue button with “Generate Download Link”

Now go the green button and click on that -saying “click here to download com.lenovo.anyshare.gps”

That’s it! The download will begin automatically and you can install SHAREit.APK file on your smartphone.