Shareit vs Zapya vs Xender : A Quick Comparison

Gone are the days when we used Bluetooth, USB, and mobile cables to transfer files. Xender, Zapya & SHAREit are the best files transferring apps that are changing the future of file sharing. These apps not only have high transferring speed but also are free of cost. This is the major reason why these apps are being extensively used globally. All of these three apps let you to transfer your data between two or more devices without any file size limit. Let’s look at their features:



SHAREit is a free app that allows you to transfer the data that you want to send between different devices. SHAREit for PC even enables you to transfer files between two or more users.

So let’s take a look at all of its features to help you understand why SHAREit is considered one of the best file transferring App out there. Additionally, iOS users can download Shareit for iOS following the same procedure.


  • SHAREit enables you to transfer any file between different devices.
  • You can easily connect your device automatically with other devices when it’s in the range.
  • Share your files with over 200 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • Interestingly, you can even share the App itself to other users who don’t have SHAREit already.
  • SHAREit  Android version also allows you to share files between 5 different users at once.




Xender helps you transfer a variety of files such as images, music, videos, documents, Apps and other files. You will be able to transfer file at high speed even when you’re sending files to multiple users.


  • You don’t have to carry any USB cables around or an internet connection to transfer files with Xender.
  • Xender also enables transferring files at high speed.
  • With Xender, you can share with 4 different users simultaneously.
  • It supports cross platform sharing– you can transfer data between different OS users like from iOS to Android & vice versa.



Zapya has all the features of SHAREit and Xender, additionally it also has other features which are unique it that SHAREit & Xender lack.


  • Zapya offers a chat system which lets you to chat with an individual or a group.
  • Zapya also has Air hockey which you and your friend can play as it is multiplayer.
  • Its “Phone Replicate” feature allows you to easily backup and transfer files from your old phone to the new one.
  • The UI of Zapya is user friendly as compared to both Xender and SHAREit.
  • It also lets you to hide files and apps which you don’t want others to see.

Although Zapya is comparatively new in the market, it has already started to give other file sharing Apps a tough competition.

In conclusion, all of the three Apps are helping many users around the world to transfer files with ease especially without any WiFi or data. However, the final verdict is that Zapya is a lot better, faster and user friendly, it easily outshines Xender and SHAREit when it comes to performance, connectivity and features.

 Download : Shareit for iPhone

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