Shareit for iPhone

Hi Folks, today we are going to tell you how to download SHAREit for iPhone or you can say SHAREit for iOS, so just keep scrolling down to read more about SHAREit for iPhone.

Since Android is keeping a close watch on Apple’s every update both in terms of features as well as latest app launching, Android has almost come up with every single Apple’s app alternative, SHAREit is no exception, a wonderful product by Lenovo, SHAREit is just the need of today’s fast moving world when it comes to sharing files on a go. SHAREit for PC or SHAREit for Android, we have covered everything on our site but today we will only discuss about SHAREit for iOS.


However, in the case of SHAREit, it is one of those apps which supports almost every operating platform be it Android/Windows or iOS. So no matter which phone you are using, you can install SHAREit free of cost instantly.

Here in this post we are going to give you a simple guide to download SHAREit on iPhone plus features of SHAREit for iPhone.


Here is your chance to know how to get SHAREit for iPhone. The application comes without any price tag and I am sure you are going to like it. It is developed by official Lenovo developers, thus, you are getting a 100% genuine and legit application.


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To be very honest the simple procedure to download SHAREit on your iPhone is to just go to your App store and search for SHAREit, you will get this app in your App store for free of cost; this app comes for absolutely free.

Click on this link to start the download SHAREit for iOS


We don’t want to waste your precious time so without giving you a thesis on features of SHAREit for iPhone, we will tell you it’s features point by point.

  1. SHAREit is the most advanced file sharing app available for cross platform operating system
  2. This app comes for free of cost
  3. This app allows you to share your files from PC to PC, Mobile to PC, Mobile to Mobile on a go.
  4. This app creates its private Wi-Fi network between two devices to establish a connection which is used to share a file between the devices without using the internet or Bluetooth
  5. You can send large files through SHAREit without getting interference.
  6. You can also track the status of file sharing as this app has a very user friendly UI which can be used by any age group.