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Shareit For iOS – A short description

Shareit for iOS is probably the top and fastest medium to share files with another device without any nuisance. The type of files you can share with SHAREit includes videos, images, word files, excel, pdf or PowerPoint presentations, etc, to be precise you can share any file type using shareit that too wireless and devoid of the internet. So what are you waiting for, download SHAREit for iOS right now.


SHAREit for iOS: – Features
  1. With SHAREit for iPhone you can share any file type with your friends without any hassle, you can share unlimited number of files with another device without any data cable or the internet.
  2. You can automatically connect to your saved devices in shareit for iOS when comes in range unlike other file sharing apps where you have to connect with the receiving device manually to exchange files.

shareit-iphone-ipad-transfer      3. SHAREit for iOS is much faster than Bluetooth and you can share large files with another iOS device within seconds.

4. SHAREit comes for free and you can share files with your friends without using your data connection, so basically there are no network charges in shareit.

5. Most importantly SHAREit makes files transfer easy and convenient in this fast moving world, you don’t need to wait for longer to share files with your network, wireless connection in SHAREit is more advanced than any other wireless file transfer app.


Download Shareit For iOS – Its Absolutely Free

Presenting you the fastest multi operating system supporting files transferring app designed for both iPhone and iPad- SHAREit APK Download/ SHAREit for iOS free download


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Shareit For IOS Version 2.3.40:- Latest Update
  • SHAREit for iOSupdate allows you to transfer files via Airdrop for iPhone 5 with later versions.
  • Push notification feature for enabling feedback
  • Zero bug guarantees in the latest update.
Shareit For iOS Version 2.4.00- Latest Update
  1. Newly updated “Shareit Know” this allows you to read more about SHAREit and its features.
  2. Refreshed “History” page.
  3. More FAQ’s added.
  4. Added further support for:
  • 3D Touch
  • Live Photo



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